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SOHAIL & CO.: THe Employment Exchanges [Compulsory Notification Of Vacancies] Act, 1959

Object of the Act

Object of the Act

To provide for the compulsory of vacancies to employment exchanges.

Applicability of the Act

Applicability of the Act

By notification in the Official Gazette, appoint In this behalf for such State and different dates may be appointed for different Slates or for different areas of a State

When Act is not applicable

  • Any employment in agriculture, horticulture etc.
  • Any employment in domestic service.
  • Any employment, the total duration of which is less than three months.
  • Any employment lo do unskilled office work.
  • Any employment connected with the staff of Parliament.


Notification of vacancies to Employment Exchanges

Notification of vacancies
  • Before filling up any vacancy as prescribed.
  • Employer not obliged to recruit the person through employment exchange.
  • To notify the vacancies to such employment exchanges as may be prescribed,


Furnishing Information and returns

The employer in every establishment in public sector in that State or area shall furnish such information or return as may be prescribed in relation or vacancies that have occurred or are about to occur in that establishment, to such employment exchanges as may be prescribed.


Time limit for notification of vacancies and selection

Time limit for notification
  • At least 15 days before the applicants will be Interviewed or tested.
  • Employer to furnish the result of selection within 15 days.

Rule 5

Submission of Returns

  • Quarterly in Form ER-l
  • Biennial Return in Form ER-ll
  • Within 30 days by 30th June, 31st March, 30th September &31st December,

Rule 6


  • An employer contravening the provisions of Sec. 4(1) or (2).
  • Fine upto Rs. 500 for first offence and for every subsequent offence fine Rs. 1000.
  • If any person -

    • required to furnish any information or return -
    • refuses or neglects to furnish such information or return.or
    • furnishes or causes to be fumished any information or return which he knows to be false, or
    • refuses to answer, or gives a false answer to any question necessary for obtaining any urnished under section 5; or
  • impedes the right of access to relevant records or documents or the right of entry conferred by section 6; he shall be punishable for the first offence with fine upto Rs.250 and for every subsequent offence with fine upto Rs.500

Sec. 7